1. Why did the lipstick smudge?
    With the correct application, our mattified foxy lipstick will not smudge when you wear it with your mask. 

    Correct application: Apply any lip balm to your lips for a layer of hydration. Once your lips feel moisturised, be sure to wipe them off. Lip balms are made of wax with more oil-based pigments. Thus making your lipstick smudge. Once your lips are no longer tacky, it is safe to wear your mask!
  1. Why do my lips feel dry after applying Mattified Foxy Lips?
    In order to make our mattified foxy lipsticks for #thenewnorm, lesser oil pigments were used. The loss of added oils makes the overall texture to be drier and helps with long-wearing.

    We recommend you hydrate your lips with lip balms before applying our lipsticks. Follow our instructions in the previous FAQ/IG Story page.
  1. It’s tough to remove the lipsticks! What should I do? 
    As our lipsticks are matte and waterproof, it is recommended to remove your lipstick with an oil-based makeup remover. 
  1. How long does your lipstick last?
    Mattified Foxy Lips have a 24 months shelf life as written on our labels, however, it would depend on individuals' frequency of usage. If the liquid is all dried up, it would mean it’s time to get a new tube!